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Fitness Coaching/Consultancy

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Posture disorders, nutritional habits, psychosocial status, sleep order and diseases and other many factors can affect the quality of life for individuals. Fitness Coaching/Consultancy Department can create individualized, unique and health-focused one-on-one exercise programs for the purpose of regulating the quality of life, and in connection to this, to prevent and treat obesity, immobility and stress related diseases.

In this department, our Fitness Coaching/Consultancy prepares the most effective exercise programs by consulting the Endocrinology, Chiropraxis, Nutrition & Dietetics branches to receive specialist assistance when necessary. By doing so, the individuals receive exercise programs that are prepared professionally and tailored to suit each individuals physical suitability for certain periods of time.

Personalized consultancy and exercise program creation first involves the carrying out of certain tests to determine the body composition and posture and thus setting a physical target. These tests evaluate the individuals’ physical traits such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, agility, endurance as well as their social lives and stress status.


  • Posture analysis
  • Calculation of fat and muscle mass through body composition analysis
  • Determination of the current daily physical status
  • Flexibility test (Sit & Reach)
  • Coordination and balance test
  • Muscle strength test


Pilates Rehabilitation

This is a system that is especially applied to individuals with orthopedic problems and muscle-strength imbalances with inactive sport lives. Following the Pilates work, depending on the physical development of the individual, healthy activities that are appropriate for the individuals body are determined.

Stretching applications

This is an exercise application based on stretching and flexibility that is done under the supervision of our fitness consultant and focuses on the entire body from head to toe, on all muscle groups from global muscles to the smallest muscle groups.

Balance and coordination exercises

Torso and back stabilization, and even full body stabilization by adding in the arms and legs is aimed by using several professional equipment. By doing so, bodily balance and coordination skills are improved. In cases where performance is enhanced, the severity and variety of the exercises can be increased and new and different programs can be created to reach the determined targets.

Resistance exercises with stroops

Unlike the conventional sporting equipment, stroops is used to conduct resistance exercises by using 9 different points in the body. Therefore both direct and indirect strength and resistance increases can be obtained from different parts of the body. Besides resistance and muscle strength, stroops makes it fun and possible to reach your determined targets through agility and stabilization exercises.

Functional exercises

These are exercises that aim at enhancing cardiovascular capacity and strengthening and working the muscle groups that we inadvertently use in our daily lives.

Unlike exercise applications that work a single muscle group and single joints, Kinesis aims at using several joints and muscle groups simultaneously. By doing so, the calorie burn in a unit time is known to increase and the muscle coordination is enhanced.


For individuals, receiving Fitness Coaching/Consultancy prior to stating an exercise program and designing the program according to this would be much more beneficial for their health. Besides, children who are planning to pick up a sport or an activity, ladies who plan pregnancy, individuals who are advised to work out due to a disease, individuals who aim at staying healthy despite having no current health problems, patients that are recommended mobility after an operation, individuals that have orthopedic body issues can receive Fitness Coaching/Consultancy.

Exercise also makes it possible to free the person from the stress of the social life. You can feel more energetic both physically and spiritually.

Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2015