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Chiropraxis is defined as conscious hand treatment on the spine, extremities and joints to alleviate pain and functional disorders. This can be applied by a physician that has special training and certificates in this area. This is an effective method that is globally used, which can even frequently resolve potential back and neck hernia problems.


The aching and functional disorders in your spine, muscle tissue and joints can be treated by just using the hand and certain special movements and methods. The application technics for Chiropraxis include passive but technical moves that are applied on the joints or relevant interacting soft tissues and require hand skills. Sometimes the patients receive numerous tests and treatment methods in our day for a complaint that can be treated by receiving a simple Chiropraxis technic. The complaints can be evaluated from an anatomic, biomechanical and neurophysiological perspective and furthermore the direct cause of the problem can be treated.


Chiropraxis is known as a fast and reliable treatment method that shows its effectivity in a short amount of time. In this treatment, the body biomechanics is handled as one, and the cause of the problem can be diagnosed with special technics and tests and the treatment can be applied instantly. Half of the treatment process is to diagnose the problem, and in some conditions, a treatment is not even necessary. Specialist physicians use specific pressure, stretching, rotating maneuvers on the problematic area and apply the treatment using these special technics. Light cases can receive 2-4 sessions, medium cases receive 5-6 whereas advanced problematic cases receive 8-10 sessions. This treatment has nothing to do with massages. It is a classical medical treatment, not an alternative medicine session.


  • Spine Problems And Pains,
  • Neck And Back Hernia, Posture Problems, Movement Limitations In The Spine Etc.
  • Rheumatic Diseases (Ankylosing, Spondylitis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia Etc.)
  • Soft Tissue Problems And Pains (Muscle And Tendon Tear, Scleroses Or Strains Etc.)
  • Post-Operation Rehabilitation
  • Sportive Injuries (Tissue Damage, Muscle Tear And Dislocations Etc.)
  • Headache (Post Stress Headaches, Aches That Come With Neck Problems Etc.)
  • Pains Following Excessive Stress
  • Joint (Knee, Shoulder, Ankle Etc.) Pain Problems With Advanced Age

Memorial Wellness Chiropraxis Department works coordinated to provide individuals a complete state of wellness with both bodily and hormonal and spiritual components. A through physical examination is done previous to the Chiropraxis application. Where necessary, bone density tests as well as tests for minerals such as calcium and vitamin D are carried out to evaluate the musculoskeletal system from all perspectives. Other procedures that are carried out in our department are as follow:

  • Neural therapy
  • Prolotherapy
  • PRP application for joints
  • Collagen injection into facet joints
  • Individualized medical Pilates rehabilitation
  • Muscle strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Posture analysis

Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2015