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Witness the meeting of Health and Beauty…

Memorial Wellness is at your service, for those who want to make a beautiful start to a brand new life and to improve the quality of their lives…

Memorial Wellness offers all services, created in a scientific frame, required for health, beauty, aesthetic and a high-quality life, together, and it opens the doors of a healthy and beautiful life for those who want to discover themselves again.

Memorial Wellness is for everyone attaching importance to be healthy and to have a beautiful life.


Wellness is to be fully healthy and fit physically, mentally and psychologically, and to feel energetic, happy and balanced.

Lifelong consultancy and training, with scientific methods and through a team consisting of health professionals are required in order to increase the feeling good state, or in other words the well-being of a person without a known health problem, to the highest level. “Memorial Wellness”, uses the fact that treatment of illnesses is not suf_cient in itself for health, and many disorders can be prevented before their emergence as a starting point in becoming a healthy life center where all services necessary for a health life physically, psychologically and socially are offered together.

Memorial breaks new ground in Turkey and offers the concept of “Wellness” through its expert staff, technological infrastructure, medical equipment and customized preventive medicine practices.


Correct and healthy diet, weight control, detox, regular exercises, a high quality sleep routine, distress, protection from infections and traumas, and replacement of physiologic hormone deficiency, which becomes a problem during the aging process, really matter for a healthy and long life. Scientific consultancy must be received in order for all of these to be fulfilled completely.



Endocrinology is the discipline dealing with hormone-producing endocrine gland diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of problems regarding vital functions such as metabolism, hormones, growth, sexuality, sleep routine, thermoregulation, and salt and water balance are carried out at the Endocrinology and Metabolism Department.

Since many diseases or symptoms are actually different presentations of the deterioration in body chemistry, metabolism and hormonal balance, it is required to determine first the source of the deterioration. The first step of the journey towards Wellness, is to optimize the balance of hormones, vitamins and minerals, and the metabolism of the body.

The Endocrinology and Metabolism Specialist projects a healthy life plan in consequence of some tests addressed towards the determination of metabolic and hormonal profile, in order to prepare a customized program. In line with the relevant scope; he provides a healthy life consultancy along with departments such as Chiropraxis, Fitness Coaching / Consultancy, diet, ayurvedic life and holistic psychological development.


Chiropraxis is defined as performing the treatment of pain and dysfunctions of spine and extremity ankles manually, in a conscious manner. It is practiced by a physician, who is specially trained and certified on the subject. Chiropraxis is known as a speedy and reliable treatment method, yielding results in a short period of time. Pain and dysfunctions of spine, muscle and joints, can only be cured through the practice of some special maneuvers and movements, which can be carried out exclusively by hand.

The implementation techniques of Chiropraxis are passive albeit technical movements, applied to joints and soft tissues associated with joints, and which require manual dexterity. By courtesy of Chiropraxis, the reason of disorder can be assessed by the specialist physician anatomically, biomechanically and neurophysiologically, and it is even possible to directly intervening in the source of the problem. In Chiropraxis, the biomechanics of the body is approached as a whole, and the source of the problem is diagnosed through manual research using special techniques and tests; it is also possible for its cure to be applied at the very moment. Neural therapy, proto-therapy, intraarticular PRP implementation, collagen injections towards facet joints, customized medical Pilates rehabilitation, muscle strengthening and stretching exercises along with posture analysis services are provided at the department.


At the Memorial Wellness Nutrition & Dietetics, nutrition and diet education is provided with regard to insuf_cient immune nutrient and pulp consumption, selection of low-potassium food, liquid consumption insuficiency, anti-aging element insuficiency, calcium deficiency, iron deficiency, high fat intake, excessive caffeine consumption, etc., healthy diet programs are prepared and plans are made for optimal weight achievement, in line with the needs of the patient and in consequence of the evaluation of the body and diet behaviors. Also, consultancy is provided for special cases such as post life-mode change diet, diet while exercising, athlete’s diet, pregnancy diet and diet during illnesses. At the department, nutrition and diet analysis, body composition measurement, basal metabolism rate measurement, physical activity follow-up through metabolic holter device, special diet consultancy and follow-up are performed, and it is aimed for the patient to achieve a fully healthy status through a holistic approach regarding required areas.


At the Cosmetic Asthetic Dermatology Department, advanced technology devices and modern practices are used and by courtesy of those, the patient is enabled to have a younger, beautiful skin, and the effects of aging in the skin are reduced and minimized. Skin care, mesotherapy, botox, injectable fillers, skin rejuvenation through PRP, chemical peeling practices, ER: Fat laser and vascular laser practices are carried out at the department.


At the Fitness Coaching / Consultancy Department, customized exercise programs are prepared in order to increase the life quality of the counselee, and accordingly to fight any potential diseases triggered by obesity, immobility and stress. At the department, posture analysis, body composition analysis and fat and muscle calculation, determination of existing daily physical state, flexibility test (sit&reach), coordination and balance test, and anthropometric measurements and tests such as muscle strength test are carried out. The medical fitness consultant prepares the most effective exercise programs by working in coordination with departments such as Endocrinology, Chiropraxis and Nutrition & Dietetics, when necessary.